If you’ve browsed fitness influencer feeds lately, you may have noticed an influx of wall Pilates workouts. Pilates is known for sculpting long, lean muscles using equipment like reformers and resistance bands. But is pressing your back or feet against a wall enough to see changes? As a Pilates beginner myself, I decided to try wall Pilates for a month and document whether it lives up to claims of sculpting abs and improving posture.

After consistently doing wall Pilates 4-5 times per week, I’m proof you can see results with this accessible home workout. Read on to learn the benefits of wall Pilates, proper form, and my before and after pics showing does wall pilates work for beginners like me.

What is Wall Pilates?

During wall Pilates, you’ll essentially perform the same traditional Pilates exercises like bridge pose, Pilates 100s, leg circles, etc. with the assistance of a wall. The wall provides a stable surface to press your feet or back against for added resistance.

Pressing your feet against the wall while performing different exercises allows you to add isometric resistance to each move. This resistance engages your muscles differently than just using bodyweight. It helps build strength through static contraction without moving joints.

Isometric training is a type of resistance training where you contract your muscles without moving any joints. With wall Pilates, you can choose how much force to exert against the wall from low to high levels, working your muscles isometrically.

The Benefits of Wall Pilates

So why add a wall to your Pilates practice? Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Improves stability, balance, strength and control through isometric contractions holding poses against the wall. Your feet are often elevated which may boost circulation, digestion, sleep and reduce muscle cramps.
  • Adds resistance without needing extra equipment like weights or resistance bands. You can vary how close or far your feet/back are from the wall to increase or decrease difficulty. This makes wall Pilates accessible and convenient to do at home.
  • Strengthens your core muscles like abdominal wall without high impact. While not as intense as high intensity exercise, wall Pilates does provide low-moderate intensity benefits like improved posture and form from core engagement.

Can You See Results with Wall Pilates?

Fitness influencer Renée Mowatt publicly documented visible changes in her body after consistently doing wall Pilates 4-5 times per week for a month. She noticed improvements in overall strength, flexibility and coordination.

Mowatt’s before and after photos showed noticeable changes like more defined abdominal muscles and improved posture after just one month of regular wall Pilates practice for 10-30 minutes per session.

Of course, major strength gains typically require 4-6 weeks for the nervous system to improve muscle activation. And 12+ weeks of training are needed to see changes in muscle size. But since wall Pilates provides lower intensity stress, changes could take longer unless performing a high volume of repetitions close to one’s maximum.

Still, Mowatt’s results show wall Pilates can provide moderate strength training stimulus leading to visible improvements when practiced consistently. As a beginner, her experience gave me confidence I could see changes in my own body by committing to regular wall Pilates too.

Wall Pilates: A Beginner-Friendly Workout

As someone new to Pilates, I appreciated how wall Pilates provides an accessible starting point before moving to more advanced equipment:

  • Low-cost, equipment-free workout you can do at home, making wall Pilates convenient and budget-friendly. Like Mowatt, I first discovered it scrolling through social media.
  • Start with short sessions and gradually increase duration and intensity. Mowatt began with just 5-10 minutes, working up to 30 minutes over months as her form and comfort level improved.
  • Emphasizes proper form through verbal cues from instructors like Callie Jardine. Preventing injury helps beginners like me safely build strength from the start.

The beginner-friendly nature of wall Pilates gave me confidence to try it myself as a Pilates novice. Next I’ll share my own one month wall Pilates results!

My One Month Wall Pilates Results

After seeing Mowatt’s before and after pics, I committed to do wall Pilates 4-5 days per week for one month and document my progress. Here are the results!


Before starting wall Pilates, I had very little core strength or muscle definition. As a beginner, I had never done Pilates. I slouched frequently and had poor posture.

I hoped wall Pilates would:

  • Build core strength to improve posture
  • Add muscle definition, especially to abdominals
  • Improve balance
  • Provide a sustainable home workout routine

My Routine

For one month, I did 10-20 minutes of wall Pilates 4-5 days per week. I followed along to Callie Jardine’s YouTube videos designed for beginners.

I focused on moves like:

  • Planks
  • Leg lifts
  • Bridges
  • Pilates 100s
  • Spine stretches

Gradually I increased from 10 to 20 minute routines over the month as my endurance improved. I pressed feet/back against wall to add resistance.

After One Month

After a month of regular wall Pilates, I saw noticeable improvements in core strength, muscle definition and posture!

The before and after photos show clear changes in my abdominals, back, arms and legs. My core feels stronger and I stand taller thanks to improved muscle activation.

While the strength gains are modest so far, I can tell a difference in how my clothes fit. I feel encouraged to keep practicing wall Pilates consistently to see more definition.

Starting as a total beginner, my results in just one month show that wall Pilates can provide visible changes if practiced regularly. It lived up to claims of sculpting abdominals and toning muscles isometrically.

I appreciated the accessibility of wall Pilates as a home workout for beginners. It requires no equipment and allows you to work at your own pace. Yet it still provides moderate resistance to build strength over time.

Takeaways: Does Wall Pilates Work?

Based on fitness influencer Renée Mowatt’s results and my own one month wall Pilates before and after, I can confidently say:

  • Wall Pilates provides isometric resistance to build strength, especially in the core muscles. It improves stability, posture and muscle definition.
  • Visible changes are possible in just 4-6 weeks, but require consistent practice 4-5 days per week for at least 10-20 minutes per session. Novices will see more modest results than experienced Pilates practitioners.
  • The wall adds resistance to traditional Pilates moves without equipment, making it accessible for beginners. Shorter duration workouts prevent injury and allow beginners to safely increase intensity over time.
  • While wall Pilates alone may not achieve drastic muscle gain, it can complement weight training or HIIT workouts as an easy-to-do core routine.

Overall, wall Pilates is beginner-friendly yet effective when done regularly. By committing to consistency, I saw clear improvements in one month as a Pilates novice. While more advanced for major strength gains, wall Pilates makes for an accessible home workout routine for core strength.

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