As a leading fitness studio chain, Club Pilates has become the go-to destination for reformer Pilates classes and workouts. With over 600 locations across the United States, Club Pilates provides accessibility and affordable pricing on Pilates classes to help clients improve their fitness and well-being. But many wonder—how much does Club Pilates cost? From single drop-in classes to unlimited memberships, Club Pilates offers flexible and budget-friendly pricing options. Read on for an in-depth look at exactly how much Club Pilates costs.

Introduction to Club Pilates

Founded in 2007 and now owned by fitness corporation Xponential Fitness, Club Pilates has rapidly expanded into a dominant Pilates studio chain. It focuses on making the body-conditioning practice of Pilates accessible to more people through its network of studios. Club Pilates aims to help clients “move better, feel better, and live better” through strengthening and lengthening workouts on Pilates reformers and equipment. With certified instructors guiding each class, Club Pilates provides:

  • Low-impact classes to tone muscles, build core strength, increase flexibility and improve overall wellness.
  • A nationwide network of over 600 locations ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • Continued growth over 15 years to become a leading fitness destination.
  • A popular Pilates community for all fitness levels and abilities.

Club Pilates offers group classes, private training, and semi-private sessions. By stocking each studio with the full range of Pilates apparatus like reformers, cadillacs and chairs, properly supervised instruction helps clients perform routines safely and effectively.

Club Pilates Class Types

Club Pilates provides many class types to meet diverse client needs and fitness goals. Classic Pilates workouts focus on core strength, flexibility and conditioning. Specialty classes target specific demographics like expecting mothers, new mothers, seniors and athletes. Additional class varieties include:

  • Cardio Sculpt fuses Pilates with fat-burning cardio.
  • Barre Fusion blends Pilates with ballet barre toning exercises.
  • Restorative Pilates emphasizes deep stretching and myofascial release.
  • Express Pilates condenses full-body workouts into 30 minutes.

With class options ranging from gentle to intense, beginners to advanced, Club Pilates can craft customized fitness plans for all.

Club Pilates Prices: Cost for Single Drop-In Classes

For those looking to sample a class or attend occasionally, Club Pilates offers single drop-in classes. The average drop-in fee ranges from $30 to $35 for one 60-minute group class. Rates can fluctuate within this range based on the specific location’s cost of living, promotions, and other factors. Still, single classes remain reasonably priced between $30 and $35 at Club Pilates studios nationwide.

Introductory offers provide newcomers with starter deals like discounts or bonus classes. For example, first-timers may receive one complimentary class to experience Club Pilates. Overall, reasonable pay-per-class rates let anyone drop in for an effective, instructor-led Pilates session.

Club Pilates Membership Costs and Options

For regular Pilates practitioners interested in ongoing classes, Club Pilates provides membership packages. Options range from pay-per-class rates to unlimited monthly memberships:

  • Pay-per-class for drop-in flexibility at $30 to $35 per single session.
  • 4-class packages bundle sessions at a discounted flat rate, usually $80 to $90.
  • 8-10 class packages offer more savings on bundled classes, typically $140 to $220.
  • “Class passes” for monthlies include a set number of classes, usually 4 to 8, for $100 to $200 monthly.
  • Unlimited membership provides complete access to all classes for that month, averaging $150 to $250.
  • Elite and Premier memberships add more perks starting at $200 monthly.

Unlimited memberships offer the best overall value, reducing per-class rates to just $7 to $10 when attending classes multiple times weekly. Overall, Club Pilates provides budget-friendly pricing to make regular Pilates accessible at any membership level.

Club Pilates’ Class Package Costs and Discounts

Along with monthly memberships, Club Pilates allows clients to pre-purchase class packages for extra savings compared to single drop-ins. Popular options include:

  • 4 classes for $84 ($21 per class)
  • 8 classes for $149 ($18 per class)
  • 10 classes for $219 ($21 per class)
  • 20 classes for $399 ($20 per class)
  • 30 classes for $539 ($18 per class)

When bundled, classes in packages can cost $20 to $25 each, saving $5 to $10 per session over individual rates. For short-term commitments, class packages offer value for regular Pilates-goers. However, unlimited memberships remain the best bargain long-term.

Club Pilates Membership Types and Monthly Rates

Club Pilates provides various membership tiers to meet different client needs and budgets. Monthly membership pricing averages:

  • Basic “Basis” at $99 to $179 monthly for access to 4 classes.
  • “Unlimited” for $159 to $260 monthly grants unlimited classes.
  • “Elite” at $199 to $300 monthly has extras like priority bookings.
  • “Premier” from $259 to $360 monthly provides maximum amenities.

Additional perks are included at higher tiers, but the unlimited membership makes regular Pilates highly affordable. Overall, membership rates stay within $100 to $350 range, catering to all budgets.

Average Club Pilates Monthly Membership Cost by Location

Since Club Pilates operates franchised locations nationwide, membership prices can vary slightly by geographic area. However, rates remain consistent across most regions.

  • In California, monthly unlimited memberships run $159 to $260.
  • Throughout the Midwest region, unlimited access averages $175 to $275 monthly.
  • On the East Coast, monthly memberships normally span $199 to $299.
  • In the South, most locations price unlimited classes between $175 and $275.

While regional factors like cost of living impact rates, unlimited memberships generally start around $150 to $200. This ensures affordability across Club Pilates studios nationwide.

Discounts and Deals on Club Pilates Pricing

To improve accessibility and community wellness, Club Pilates offers exclusive discounts to certain groups including:

  • Students receive 10% off memberships for work-life balance.
  • Teachers get discounts on memberships to relieve stress.
  • Seniors are eligible for reduced membership rates for healthy aging.
  • Medical professionals save on self-care with Wellness for Heroes and First Responders discounts.
  • Military families stay active during deployment with 10% savings.

Through discounts and deals, Club Pilates aims to make Pilates attainable for all lifestyles and budgets. Special savings expand client access to consistent training.


In just over 15 years, Club Pilates has grown into a leading Pilates brand with 600+ studio locations nationwide. Its certified instructors lead effective Pilates classes using specialized equipment like reformers. With options from single drop-ins to unlimited memberships, Club Pilates offers flexible and budget-friendly pricing. Intro deals, class packages and memberships provide savings for commitment. Overall, costs range from $30 for a single class up to $300 for unlimited monthly access. With multi-tiered pricing and discounts, Club Pilates makes regular Pilates classes an accessible investment for clients at all budget levels seeking to “move better, feel better, and live better.”

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