As hot yoga continues gaining popularity for its intense cardio, strengthening, and flexibility benefits, more people are trying it out and getting hooked. But before jumping into your first steamy, sweat-drenched class, it’s important to wear the right hot yoga clothes to keep you comfortable and prevent slipping on your mat. I recently tried hot yoga for the first time and quickly realized my basic yoga leggings weren’t cutting it. After a few miserable classes slipping around in drenched cotton, I researched the best hot yoga clothing brands and fabrics to keep me cool, dry, and grippy during my practice.

In this article, I’ll share my top tips on what to wear to hot yoga class, including the ideal fabrics, brands, and styles that will keep you dry, secure, and focused on your practice rather than your outfit. I’ll also give some pro tips for getting prepared before class. Read on for the complete guide to feeling your best during hot yoga in moisture-wicking, breathable clothing that dries in no time.

Shop For Women’s Hot Yoga Clothes That Are Lightweight and Breathable

The first step to comfortable hot yoga attire is choosing lightweight, breathable fabrics that release sweat and allow airflow against your skin. Avoid thick, heavy fabrics like cotton that absorb sweat and take forever to dry. The best hot yoga fabrics include:

  • Polyester and nylon – These synthetic fabrics are very breathable and moisture-wicking, pulling sweat off your skin and dispersing it through the material so it evaporates quickly. Polyester and nylon yoga clothes will keep you cool and dry.
  • Modal and rayon – Derived from natural fibers, these fabrics effectively wick moisture while feeling silky and lightweight against the skin for superior comfort.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo fabric has anti-bacterial properties to minimize odor as you sweat. It’s also very soft and breathable.

Look for yoga pants, leggings, tops, and sports bras made of these quick-drying fabrics. The clothes should fit snugly but not be restrictive. Loose waistbands will be more comfortable as your body heats up and expands. Choose thin fabric that hugs your body and feels smooth rather than thick or rough material.

Best Yoga Pants and Leggings For Hot Yoga

For bottoms, yoga pants and leggings designed for hot yoga and intense sweat sessions are ideal. Brands like Teeki and Oiselle make leggings specifically for hot yoga with extra features like grips dots to prevent slipping.

Teeki Hot Pants

Teeki Hot Pants are at the top of every hot yoga wardrobe. These lightweight leggings come in fun colors and patterns and are made of a nylon-spandex blend that stretches smoothly and dries incredibly fast. The material wicks moisture while allowing maximum air circulation. These leggings dry in as little as 30 minutes after a sweaty practice. The wide waistband lies flat and won’t dig in.

Oiselle Roga Shorts

Oiselle, a women’s athletic brand, designs their Roga shorts specifically for hot yoga and Bikram. The lightweight nylon-spandex blend hugs your body closely while feeling featherlight. The material releases sweat effectively for quick drying. Flat seams eliminate irritation and inner thigh chafing as you move through poses. The wide waistband stays put. Oiselle tops and bras perfectly pair with the shorts.

Lululemon Wunder Under Legging

Lululemon‘s Wunder Under legging is a longtime yoga favorite for its soft, lightweight luxtreme fabric that stretches four ways. It’s available in full-length or 7/8 crops. The material feels cool against your skin and sweat-wicking. These leggings strike the perfect balance between fitted and breathable. The wide waistband lies flat and won’t roll while you flow through vinyasas.

Moisture-Wicking Hot Yoga Tops

For tops, look for tight-fitting styles in moisture-wicking technical fabric. The top should skim your body closely to absorb and disperse sweat. Popular options include:

Cropped & Racerback Tanks

Cropped and racerback tank tops provide maximum airflow around your core as temperatures rise. Brands like Beyond Yoga and Free People Movement make lightweight cropped tanks ideal for hot yoga. Look for sweat-wicking performance fabrics like nylon or polyester blends. The racerback style allows free upper body movement.

Longline Sports Bras

Longline sports bras provide coverage and support while showing some skin. Brands like PE Nation, Michi, and Alo Yoga make fitted longline bras that pair perfectly with yoga pants. Opt for technical moisture-wicking fabrics, mesh paneling, and elasticized straps for the most comfortable fit as you sweat.

Bikini Tops

For more ventilation, bikini-style tops are ideal. Free People Movement makes supportive bikini tops in athletic performance fabrics that release moisture optimally. Pair them with your favorite high-waisted leggings. The crop style keeps air circulating around your core.

Best Hot Yoga Shorts for Women

In addition to leggings and yoga pants, shorts are another great option, especially in the summer. Look for ultra-lightweight shorts in sweat-wicking technical fabric. Popular brands include:

Tracksmith Session Shorts

Tracksmith designs their 4-inch Session Shorts specifically for hot yoga and Bikram with lightweight mesh fabric panels that provide ventilation. The smooth nylon-spandex fabric dries quickly and stretches comfortably over your body. Flat seams reduce irritation and inner thigh chafing. The shorts feel nearly weightless for a full range of motion.

Under Armour Fly Fast Shorts

Under Armour Fly Fast shorts have a lightweight, silky fabric that dries very quickly after class. The smooth material allows you to move through poses with zero restrictions. The elasticized waistband stays put, and flatlock seams limit chafing. You’ll feel cool and comfortable during your whole flow.

Lululemon Speed Short

A favorite for workouts, Lululemon Speed Shorts work well for hot yoga too. The ultra-lightweight fabric releases sweat to keep you dry through Surya Namaskars and more. With a 4-inch inseam, these shorts provide ample airflow around your lower body. The yoga-specific gusseted construction allows free range of motion.

Top Brands for Hot Yoga Clothing

Beyond fabric, cut, and style, shopping by brand can simplify your search for the best hot yoga clothes. These top athletic and yoga brands make quality gear engineered for sweaty practices.

Teeki Hot Yoga Clothing

Teeki fills their yoga activewear line with hot yoga essentials. Their unique fabric dries 5X faster than cotton and wicks effectively. Beyond leggings, they make great sports bras, tanks, shorts, and bike shorts. Teeki caters specifically to hot yogis with moisture-control fabrics.

Lululemon Athletica

Known for making the best yoga pants around, Lululemon uses sweat-wicking technical fabrics ideal for hot yoga. Their yoga leggings, shorts, tanks, and bras fit closely for a soaked practice. Lulu clothes retain shape after repeated hot washes.

Beyond Yoga Performance Wear

California-based Beyond Yoga makes high-performance fabrics specifically for hot yoga and intense workouts. Everything from leggings to shorts and bras is sweat-wicking and quick-drying. Their textured Space Dye and Spacedye fabrics add extra grip to prevent sliding on your mat. Beyond Yoga clothes move with your body through sweaty Vinyasa flows.

Alo Yoga Hot Yoga Clothing

Alo Yoga‘s vast selection includes hot yoga must-haves like their Airbrush leggings and cropped Goddess ribbed tanks. Moisture-wicking fabric and breathable mesh panels release sweat. Choose from solids and eye-catching prints to stand out in class. Alo makes stylish, functional yoga clothes.

Oiselle Women’s Athletic Wear

Oiselle designs activewear explicitly for sweaty fitness activities like HIIT, running, and hot yoga. Their leggings, shorts, and tops feature moisture-wicking technical fabrics that dry quickly. With flat seams and special waistband constructions, Oiselle clothes feel great during vigorous movement and stretching. Bold colors and patterns available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Yoga Clothing and Gear

What hot yoga clothes should I avoid?

Avoid cotton, thick fabrics, and very dark colors that absorb heat. Tightly constrictive styles can also feel uncomfortable as your body heats up and starts sweating.

How should hot yoga clothes fit?

Aim for a snug fit that hugs your body closely. Loose clothes don’t wick away sweat as effectively. But very tight fits can feel constrictive. Look for a close fit with some stretch and room to breathe.

What kind of bra should I wear to hot yoga?

Opt for a sports bra in performance fabric that wicks moisture. Longline and crop styles allow sweat to evaporate from your core. Adjustable straps accommodate movement. Remove padding if needed.

How much do I sweat during hot yoga?

You can sweat up to 1-2 liters during an intense 60-90 minute hot yoga session. Having a towel and water on hand helps you stay comfortable.

Do I need a yoga mat towel for hot yoga?

Yes, a towel on your mat gives you extra traction and absorbs sweat so you don’t slip. Bring at least one towel to place on your mat during class.

What type of yoga mat should I use for hot yoga?

Look for a non-slip yoga mat at least 5mm thick. The Jade Harmony Professional mat is top rated for hot yoga. Bringing a towel for your mat gives you more grip too.

How should I prepare for hot yoga?

  • Drink extra water leading up to class and bring water to rehydrate during breaks
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to get set up and acclimate
  • Know it’s normal to take breaks as needed – child’s pose is a good resting posture
  • Have an intention in mind, like focusing on breathing or increasing flexibility
  • Avoid big meals beforehand; opt for something light and easily digested
  • Gather any gear like mat, towel, water, change of clothes, etc.

What do I need for my first hot yoga class?

  • Fitted, moisture-wicking leggings and top
  • Non-slip yoga mat (at least 5mm thick)
  • 2 large absorbent towels
  • Water bottle
  • Hair tie if needed
  • Extra change of clothes or layers if desired


With the right clothing, your hot yoga practice can be transformative, invigorating, and cleansing. Moisture-wicking leggings, tops, shorts, and bras in breathable technical fabrics will keep you cool, comfortable, and focused as your flow heats up. Brands like Teeki, Lululemon, Oiselle, Alo Yoga, and Beyond Yoga engineer activewear specifically for sweaty pursuits like hot yoga. With quality gear made for high intensity, you can reap all the physical and mental benefits of hot yoga and leave feeling energized. The next time you roll out your mat in a steamy studio, you’ll be ready to flow in clothing made for sweating.

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